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Here are some photos and information on items you can find in our store. We will be adding new items weekly, so please check back to see what is new!
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This is an Elvis Presley decanter with  barracks . It was made by McCormick in 1980s. McCormick produced collectible decanters from 1968-1987. The most popular were the Elvis ones. They made over 40 different versions of him at various stages in his career. The 50ml decanter is removable, and is fairly common. The barracks themselves are quite rare, we think they were given away by lottery from liquor stores. There is a light fixture at the top of room. The bunks and foot locker are able to be moved around as well. The emblem on the building matches the emblem on his uniform.
Rowlf the Muppet by Jim Hensen. This toy was made by the Ideal company in the early 1960's. Along with Kermit, he was the first licensed puppet toy to be produced. While this version of Rowlfe may be a bit hard to find, there is also a great version that was made in the 1970's by Fisher-price. An easy way to tell is that the Ideal version has a tail, and the eyes are made of two layers of plastic.
Elvis Decanter
Gurley Novelty was a manufacturer primarily known for making holiday candles shaped like small figures. The company was owned, and its products designed by candle maker Franklin Gurley. Gurley made candles for all of the major holidays. While they were marketed as candles, the little figural candles were never really meant to be burned. People collected them for display. The Vermont Country Store has purchased many of the Gurley candle molds and is manufacturing candles today that look exactly like the original candles. If you want to ensure that you are buying the vintage collectibles and not reproductions, it will be important to search for the original Gurley label. If you find some candles that have lost their labels, one way to tell the difference is that the newer candles will be very brightly colored.  Both make for cute displays.
Gurley Candles
The traditional washboard is usually constructed with a rectangular wooden frame in which are mounted a series of ridges or corrugations for the clothing to be rubbed upon. For 19th century washboards, the ridges were often of wood; by the 20th century, ridges of metal were more common. A "fluted" metal washboard was patented in the United States in 1833. Zinc washboards were manufactured in the United States from the middle of the 19th century. In the late 20th century and early 21st century, ridges of galvanized steel are most common. They are great for decorations, as many of the older ones have interesting logos and graphics. They are still handy for hand washing when camping and times when there is no power. Talented folks can also use them as a musical instrument.