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Ammo Belts and a shoulder rig.
Price starting at $29-169
Slim Jim holster
Rifle Stock Ammo slide
Quinton's Leatherwork
Quinton has been doing leatherwork for over 25 years. He does repairs and custom work. 

For more information, please call 928-359-2621 or contact us:
This example is for cap and ball revolvers 51 Navy.
Price starting $59- $249
An extra place to keep bullets right on your gun
Price  starting at $69- $129
Conceal carry holsters for semi auto 
Price starting at $29
Carved Hollywood Holster 
Spur Straps
Double rig with Spanish round lacing. belt is lined with chap leather
Price $549
Here are a selection of spur straps from the old west 1880-1920s. Dove wing spur straps, craved and stamped 
Price $49-$59
Prices are affected by the amount of stamping, embellishment, lacing. Please contact for a quote.
Here Quinton shows a custom project he made for a customer.